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Physical Education

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer and are excited to begin another school year here at Winchester Elementary.  I am looking forward to the fun filled games, and activities I have planned for you all this year.  With that in mind I have a few suggestions as we begin this new year.  
-The beginning of the school year is hot, and water is a necessity.  Please feel free to send a water bottle with your student so that they can drink in between activities.
-Having the right kind of footwear is very important.  Each week we try to get in some form of running, and having closed toed shoes helps in keeping feet safe.
-Sun protection is a must, and having either sunglasses or a hat, are always welcome at P.E., and will often make the activity a lot easier to enjoy.
During our school day, we have a time set aside for 4th and 5th graders to compete in sports activities with each other on organized teams.  This Intramural time is during lunch and the schedule below shows approximate times and dates for the different seasons.  We allow 2-3 weeks for sign ups during the 4th and 5th grade lunch time so that all students who wish to participate can sign up and be on a team.  The schedule below is subject to change based on student interest, schedule changes, weather, and other factors.
2017-18 Intramural Calendar
August 28th-September 22nd  Flag Football
October 16th-November 9th Soccer
December 4th-January 12th Basketball
January 16th-26th Track & Field Tryout days (students are encouraged to come out and try and make the team for the Elementary Track Meet on May 8th at Hemet High School.)
February 26th - March 9th Volleyball
March 26th- April 13th Kickball
April 16th - May 4th Track and Field Training and Preparations for the Track Meet.
May 14th-May 25th Dodge Ball
 P.E. classes:
This year we will continue to follow our Sports Model, where in we work on developing gross motor and fine motor skills, and overall fitness, through sports themes and sports related games and activities.  Below is a chart showing the approximate dates for the activities we will be doing in class.  All activities are subject to change due to weather, environmental and facility situations.
August- September: Throwing, Catching, Kicking, Striking, Locomotion, Evading, Team work, Sportsmanship, Routines, Warm up, Cool down.
September-October: Football, Evading games, Fitness
October -November: Soccer, Fitness, Kicking games
November- December: Basketball, Dribbling, Team work, Passing, Shooting, Fitness.
January-February: Volleyball, 4 square, striking, bumping, setting, throwing and catching, review routines and procedures.
February- March: Kickball, Fitness, Team work, catching and throwing, Fine motor movements.
March- April: Dodging and Evading, Fitness, Team work, (5th Grade Physical Fitness Testing)
April - May: End of year Activities: Review of Sportsmanship, Routines, Warm up, Cool down, Fitness, and some Games and Activities.