Physical Education

Welcome to Winchester Elementary, home of the Wildcats.  Go Wildcats!
We have three goals at Physical Education.
-First, we increase the students knowledge by creating and scaffolding curriculum that builds students understandings of Motor skills and movement patterns, Activities that promote overall health, helps students perform activities that increase Physical Fitness, and incorporates Sociological and Psychological principles of motivation, goal setting, and team building.
-Second, we help students apply this knowledge on the field for the purpose of helping students set goals, and succeed.
-Third, we seek to inspire students to not only reach their physical and mental potentials, but to surpass them, through learning fun activities, games, and sports.
PBIS: The Positive Behavior Intervention System is one of the many Multi-tiered systems of support offered here at Winchester.  Students can earn points each day for exemplary behavior in Physical Education class, that can then be cashed in for special prizes each week.  Our expectation of all students are the Triple B's.  Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe.  
Inclement Weather, and Safety issues: ALL students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to PE, especially when it is hot.  Drinking fountains are available, but sometimes are very busy.  Students may also wear hats, and sunglasses at PE (outside of the classroom), however, dress code does apply and hats must be worn facing forward.  All water bottles and personal items brought to PE will need to be placed in a bin provided for students entering PE class, so that students may retrieve water bottles and other items, as needed and at the end of class time.  For their safety, students are encouraged to wear closed toe shoes on days they have PE.
Scope and Sequence:  We work towards a student centered curriculum, driven by state standards and student choice.  Over the course of the school year, students will be encouraged to try new activities, be challenged by research-based ideas and concepts, and have ample opportunity to create and meet personal goals.  Some of the Activities, Sports, and Games played here include:
Flag Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Kickball, Dodge ball, Track and Field, Dodge and Evade games, Catching and Throwing skills, Locomotion activities ( walking, skipping, running, jogging), Kicking skills, Striking skills, Team building skills/ activities, Warm up, cool down activities , Team Handball, State Mandated Fitness Tests ( 5th Grade)
Intramural's: 4th and 5th grade during their lunch recess, are encouraged to sign up and play structured games and sports throughout the school year.  Students may sign up with the PE teachers during their lunch time and be randomly assigned a team.  Students wishing to play must understand the rules of the games being played as explained by the PE teachers, and follow the "Triple B's" 
Contact Information: School address and Phone: 28751 Winchester Road, Winchester, Ca. 92596
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